Providing Exceptional Care for Exceptional Children

Equipping & Empowering Families Through Early Intervention

Providing Exceptional Care for Exceptional Children

Equipping & Empowering Families Through Early Intervention

Every child has immense potential within them— some just need a little help unlocking it.

At Above & Beyond, we specialize in early intervention for special needs children ages 0 to 5, preparing them for the next phase of their growth and education. Through our caring, family-centered approach, we encourage each child’s progress by strengthening their entire family unit. Staying true to our name, we go above and beyond, creating a comprehensive system of advocacy, support, and education for the various resources or specialists that may be required.

Family Training

Early intervention services can be intimidating for families, but Above & Beyond is there to offer personalized education and reassuring support. Through our hands-on approach, our therapists work directly with families and children to develop individualized plans and activities, teach family members how to implement these plans at home, and support them all along the way.

Holistic Family Approach

Thoughtful Solutions

Education & Advocacy

Service Coordination

When it comes to navigating the many services available to your child, how do you know where to go? Not only can we help you find the best service provider for your child, but our early interventionists offer compassionate, professional guidance throughout the process, ensuring that your child has an advocate and your family has the support they need.

Connecting You with Compassionate Care

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy


Hear From the Parents

My experience with Diana Lawson as an EI worker for my grandson Jonathan was awesome.

Not only did she help build his skills to do everyday things but helped my family and I learn different ways to teach him. I would recommend her to anyone that has a challenge with helping little ones develop these simple skills. Her patience, soft-spoken words, and warm smile invite kids and parents in to get involved with the development of skills and confidence needed to do the task. Thanks, Diana we couldn’t have done it without you.

— Torsiul Dickson

About Above & Beyond

When our children are equipped and encouraged, they can do amazing things. So, too, can their families. At Above & Beyond, we believe that solid foundations of support, advocacy, education, and service are the keys to helping every child live up to their full potential.