Early Intervention

How to Help a Child with Developmental Delay

developmental delays

As a child grows, it is understood that there are developmental milestones they should be achieving—from the age they should be crawling, talking, walking, etc.  In cases where a child is not meeting the appropriate developmental milestones, it may be necessary to speak with your child’s doctor who may recommend an evaluation for a developmental

Early Intervention Evaluation: What Should You Expect?

early intervention

If your child seems to be experiencing developmental delays,  or if they just aren’t hitting the early childhood milestones as you think they should, you may decide to reach out for early intervention services, which can help a child “catch up” from those delays with focused therapies. The first step to that process, however, is

What is BabyNet and How to Access Services in South Carolina

Baby Net

According to data from the National Health Interview Survey, around one in every six children has a developmental delay of some sort—including ADHD, autism, hearing loss, or other conditions. For these children with a delay, early intervention is key and can make a huge difference in how the child progresses. In South Carolina, children ages